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Quality Furnace Installation

We Provide Furnace Replacement FREE In-Home Estimates

Fox Family Takes Care of Everything including

  • We will will acquire the CF1-R form from the Title 24 company for pre-permit documentation required by your city or county so we can pull the permit for the job.
  • Our staff will apply for and receive the permit for your furnace replacement.
  • We install the equipment according to manufacturer specs and city/county code specifications.
  • Fox Family will send a company out to pick up your old unit and recycle the metal so it can become something else another day!
  • We obtain a third party, California licensed Title 24 company to perform all necessary tests.  We make sure the system has been installed and will achieve maximum efficiency.
Fox Family Heating and Air

Dedication to Quality Workmanship

Furnaces of the past would come on to heat your home to a desired temperature and then shut off. Did you know that 20 to 30 cents of every dollar that you are spending a natural gas to fuel and heat your system is going right out the flue pipe? That was good then, but technology has since soared. Did you know we can replace your furnace with one that only wastes 3 to 4 cents per dollar spent on fuel?

With variable speed furnaces and heat pumps on the showroom floor now, it’s a lot easier to be efficient with your money. This means we can heat and cool your home the same as before but for less money out of your pocket and to your utility company.

When you choose to go with a furnace replacement with Fox Family you get a state licensed contractor who will skillfully remove and replace your entire HVAC system, typically in one day.  It takes a crew of two to three technicians to remove and replace your furnace.