Sacramento Air Conditioner Repair Cost Guide

Sacramento Air Conditioner Repair Cost Guide

It is good for Sacramento homeowners to have an idea about air conditioner repair costs before they make a call to an ac repair company. This information will enable you to make an informed decision about the competitiveness of the industry. You may receive a rate quoted by the heating and air conditioning company and wonder if this is a fair charge. Today on the blog we discuss some of the most common air conditioner problems and the approximate cost of fixing it.

The AC Fails to Turn On

Three common problems normally prevent many air conditioning units from turning on. First, incorrect thermostat settings can be responsible. In many cases we find that homeowners forgot to turn the settings to the cooling mode. Secondly, the thermostat batteries may be worn and the thermostat cannot work if it isn’t being powered. Thirdly, a tripped fuse could be preventing electrical power from getting to the air conditioning unit.

These problems can be fixed at no cost by the Sacramento homeowner. Simply check each of the problem areas above and implement the appropriate remedy. For example, reset a tripped breaker in order to get power to the AC unit. Save yourself the trip charge Fox Family Heating and Air or another contractor may charge to diagnose a very easy fix.

Reduced Comfort Level

Again, three issues can cause you to feel less comfortable than you were feeling in previous AC use seasons. The first is a clogged or wrong air filter. A clogged air filter will impede the flow of conditioned air into your home. The second reason is debris accumulated around the outdoor unit of the AC. That dirt or debris makes it hard for heat exchange to occur. The third possible culprit is dust on the outdoor components. This dust also prevents heat exchange on the evaporator coil fins in the winter.

Air flow issues resulting from the three factors above can be solved by the homeowner. Replace or clean the air filter. Check and ensure that ample clearance exists around and above the outdoor unit. Follow the guidelines in the user manual to clean dust from the outdoor unit components. All this can be completed without incurring any monetary cost except when you have to buy a new filter. Filters vary from $5 to $20 depending on the type/model. We always recommend washable air filters for efficiency. They are a little more expensive but need to be replaced less often, as you can wash and re-use them.

Abnormally High Summer Energy Bills

Spiraling utility bills usually point to dirty filters as mentioned above or clogged coils in the outdoor unit of your AC. You may need to call a technician at Fox Family Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar to come and disassemble the unit in order to clean it thoroughly. An Air Conditioner tune-up may cost you $75 to $150 in Sacramento.

Abnormal Noises

Air conditioning units may rattle, groan, tick or buzz during different stages of their operation. That problem could be the result of a loose component or a damaged fan blade. A blown blower motor can also cause abnormal sounds to be emitted from the AC. The repair cost will vary depending on the actual cause of the problem.

Simple tightening of nuts or screws may help solve the problem. In which case, we recommend you schedule a tune-up visit. Many of our clients find it beneficial to sign up for our annual maintenance program. If the noises are diagnosed as a  blower motor problem it will cost a minimum of $150 and a maximum of $750 depending on the type of equipment you have.

AC Cycles Off Before Ideal Comfort Level

Normally, the AC runs until the conditioned space reaches the condition/temperature selected on the thermostat. However, some units may turn off before the room occupants experience the desired level of comfort. This may be due to incorrect readings by the thermostat. For example, the thermostat may “think” that the desired temperature has been reached just because that thermostat is located near an air register.

You should relocate the thermostat in case you discover that it is located near a heat source or air register. This will not cost you any money if you do it yourself. An air conditioning repair (Sacramento) technician may charge you the same rate for a standard service call ($75-150).

Water Puddles Close to the Furnace

The condensate formed as the air conditioning system is working is usually collected in the condensate pan and discharged through the condensate tube. Clogs, crimps, disconnections and condensate pump problems can affect this function and cause water to pool close to the furnace.

You may spend about $20 to buy a new condensate tube. A condensate pump will cost you between $40 and $110. Other solutions (clearing clogs, for example) are free if you can perform them yourself. In this case we have seen the cause be problems that are more complicated so we recommend having one of our technicians properly diagnose the issue.

Fox Family Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar will inspect the air conditioner in your Sacramento home in case you suspect that the system has developed a more serious problem. We will give you an air conditioner repair cost estimate before we begin the work. We welcome you to compare the estimate with other service providers in the area. You won’t find Fast, Honest, Friendly service like we deliver anywhere else!

What Causes a Leaking Air Conditioner?

Sacramento HVAC - Why is my air Conditioner leaking

What Causes a Leaking Air Conditioner? It is necessary for homeowners to understand why their air conditioning systems may leak water either within or outside the home. Read on and discover some of the common reasons given by a Sacramento heating and air conditioning company to explain why ACs may leak water.

Clogged Air Filters

Professionals at Fox Family Heating and Air explain that a clogged or dirty air filter is one of the most prevalent causes of water leaks in air conditioning systems. The clog/dirt affects the flow of air through the AC system. Consequently, the evaporator coil will freeze up and start leaking water as the ice melts slowly. Replace the air filter regularly in order to avoid these water leaks from causing serious damage to your AC.

Insufficient Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels can also trigger water leaks in the air conditioner. Air conditioning repair (Sacramento) is needed when you notice that the home is no longer as cool as you would want it. Leaking refrigerant reduces airflow within the system. The net result is that the evaporator coil will freeze as discussed earlier. Don’t attempt to fix a refrigerant leak on your own because you may cause worse problems, such as failing to identify all leaks prior to recharging the system.

Damaged Drain Pans

Condensate is usually directed to the drain pan before being discharged outside the home. However, the drain pan may start leaking and allow water to drip onto the floor or ceiling. The best remedy to this problem is to install a new drain pan. Temporary fixes, such as using epoxy compound, may allow the corrosion/damage to worsen and result in worse leaks.

Clogged Drain Line

The drain pan has a drain line through which water flows out of the house. Over time, dirt and debris may accumulate and cause a blockage in that drain line. The condensate will then back up and leak into the home. You can use a shop vacuum to suck the clog out of that line. Alternatively, hire a professional from Fox Family Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar so that the lines can be cleared and flushed.

Malfunctioning Condensate Pump

Sacramento homes whose AC units are installed in the basement require a condensate pump to force the condensate up the gradient to the exterior of the home. A defect in this pump can trigger water leaks from the AC since the water will be unable to leave the condensate pan. Fix or replace that pump in order to put an end to this type of leak.

Improper Installation

Some air conditioners develop water leaks simply because the person who installed the unit didn’t position the condensate trap correctly. This is particularly possible for installations that don’t require a condensate pump. The incorrect position will prevent gravity from pushing the water down the drain tubes. Ask a professional from a Sacramento heating and air conditioning company to come and check the condensate system so that the poor installation can be corrected.

Low Ambient Temperatures

It is also possible for your air conditioner to leak water when it doesn’t have any defects. This can happen towards the end of the cooling season as the temperature outside drops. The coils will freeze and leak water when you still want the AC to cool the home while it is very cool outside. Turn your AC off in such a case or adjust the thermostat settings so that you prevent the coils from sustaining irreparable damage.

A leaking air conditioner can cause serious damage not just to the AC but to your home as well. Contact Fox Family Heating and Air in Sacramento for a thorough inspection so that a final solution to the leak can be found.