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the solar revolution

In the beautiful Sacramento Valley, we experience the pleasure of sunshine about 270 days out of the year. That’s about 74 percent of the days in any given year. With that much sunshine rolling across our skies, isn’t it time to take part of the solar revolution?
I’ll bet at some point in the past, you and your family have talked about putting a solar power system in your home. The fact that your solar system would provide nearly all the electricity you will need is motivation enough, but to know that once you have that solar system paid for, you could be one of millions of homeowners who won’t have to pay for their electricity anymore.
Learn why we think you will go solar soon.

How solar works

Your system will take energy from the sun and direct that energy straight to your electrical panel on the side of the house.  That electricity is the same type of electricity your lamp in the living room uses.  It’s also the same type of electricity your air conditioner uses.  Your air conditioner is the most expensive thing to run in your house right now.  It’s that way in every house.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to use your AC more without having to pay more for energy?  That’s the great thing about solar!

Obviously, the sun shines brightly in the summer time, right?  During those bright and shiny days, your solar system is going to produce an overabundance of electricity for your house.  When that happens, it actually overflows into the local electric company’s energy feed.  They want to use your energy and will pay you for any electricity they use.  They buy it from you at the same price they buy it wholesale from their supplier.  At night time, the sun is not shining and won’t produce any electricity for your home.  Now you are using the energy from the electric company.  Take the overabundance of electricity you made during the day and subtract the amount of energy you used at night, and I’ll bet you are ahead at the end of the day!  Do this every day for 365 days a year and it’s very likely you will be paid for the net overage your house produced. This is called “True up” at the end of the end of the year.

How solar pays you back

A “Residential Renewable Energy” federal tax credit is available for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The credit is based on a percentage of the overall price for the solar system. So, a $25,000 solar system will earn you $7,500, which you can use to pay off your annual taxes due for the next five years or until the credit is used up. If the system is installed and operating before Dec. 31, 2019, you are eligible for the 30% tax credit. The tax credit goes down to 26% for 2020 and 22% for 2021. Because this free money is going away by the end of 2021, we think people are going to choose this as the way to go sooner than later.

California has the highest cost for energy on the west coast. State and local “net metering” policies allow homeowners to get paid for excess power produced by their solar system. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a power plant right on your rooftop and know that the utility company might have to pay you back for the energy they bought from you?

Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning has several different ways to finance the project and allow you to start putting that money right back in your pocket. Please contact us for a free consultation at 916-877-1577.


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