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troubleshooting a condenser fan motor

How I Troubleshoot a PSC Condenser Fan Motor on an Air Conditioner

Condenser fan motors come in a couple of forms.  PSC style and ECM style.  PSC motors are easily identified by the run capacitor that comes inside the service panel with
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Troubleshooting a 2 stage compressor

How I Troubleshoot a Two-Stage Air Conditioner Compressor

A two-stage air conditioner is more efficient than a single stage.  Single-stage units run at OFF or 100% capacity, two-stage air conditioners run at OFF, (approx.) 70%, and 100% capacity. 
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Troubleshooting an AC compressor

How‌ ‌I‌ ‌Troubleshoot‌ ‌An‌ ‌Air‌ ‌Conditioner‌ ‌Compressor‌

Hey HVAC techs! I’m Greg Fox, from Fox Family Heating & Air, and today we’re going to talk about how I troubleshoot a compressor.  This is going to be the
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Can I replace my AC without the furnace?

Can I Replace the Outside Air Conditioner without Changing My Furnace?

  When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, many people ask ‘can I replace my AC without the furnace?’ Can I replace just my air conditioning unit? You can. However,
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How To Add Refrigerant to AC

How I Add Refrigerant to a Central Air Conditioner

Hey HVAC techs! I’m Greg Fox, and today we’re going to talk about adding more refrigerant to an air conditioner.  I wanted to expand on our recent AC troubleshooting series
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Defrost cycle on a heat pump

Defrost Mode On A Heat Pump

What Happens in Defrost Mode on a Heat Pump? There’s something mystical when it comes to the heat pump system.  We know it runs like a normal air conditioner in
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Air Source Heat Pump Basics

Heat pumps and air conditioners are very similar. I want to share my experience with heat pumps and how they operate to give you cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.
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Expect Great Things at Your Fox Family Air Conditioning Tune-Up

What Is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up, Anyway? An air conditioning tune-up is what responsible homeowners do to maintain their home’s HVAC system.   It’s a thorough cleaning and testing of the
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finance a new HVAC system

Can I Finance a New HVAC System? Yes!

Investing in a new heating and air conditioning system is for many people, an unplanned expense. Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning has several choices if you need to finance
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air conditioning tune-up

Yes, It’s Air Conditioning Tune-Up Season in Sacramento

Fox Family Heating and Air Begins Air Conditioning Tune-up Season in Sacramento The weather in Sacramento is usually pretty predictable, but this year in February no one needed assistance with
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This is How to Successfully Troubleshoot an AC Unit

Breaking Down the Parts of a Air Conditioning System Technicians just starting in the field have many questions about the process required to troubleshoot an AC unit.  In this series,
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Moving Your Thermostat

Relocating Your Thermostat Might Make Your Home More Comfortable

3 Reasons Why Relocating Your Thermostat To A New Spot Might Be a Good Idea I’ve been to people’s homes where relocating their thermostat would provide them better comfort.  A
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