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4 AC Add-ons That Will Make Your Life Easier When it Gets Hot This Summer

Beat the Heat This Summer with Modern AC Enhancements When it gets hot this summer, there are a few things that could make your system last longer, be safer
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SMUD Suspends Rebates

SMUD Suspends Certain Rebates Due to COVID-19

Sacramento County Utility Companies Navigate the Effects of the Coronavirus: What It Means for You At the beginning of 2020, Sacramento county residents were offered lucrative rebates for choosing
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prepare your AC for summer

Five Things You Should Do to Prepare Your AC for Summer

Keep your Air Conditioner in Good Shape for the Summer Ahead Well, it’s inevitable.  Every year it’s just a matter of time before the first wave of heat hits
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starting your own business - work-life balance

Starting My Own HVAC Business: Part 2 – Work-Life Balance

Remembering the importance of work-life balance and keeping your family close to you as you start up your new business Many of us who have started our own business
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Doing Side Work Without a License

Starting My Own HVAC Business – Get Your Contractor’s License First

This series is set up to compliment my video series from 2016, “Starting My Own HVAC Company.”  I  thought I’d review some of the things I talked about before
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A Lost Sale – What Could I Have Done Better?

A Lost Sale – What Could I Have Done Better?

How I handled a job estimate and what I could have done better I recently quoted a big 3,500 sq ft home in Granite Bay, an upscale part of
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is doing side work illegal?

Is Doing Side Work Illegal? Why Doing Side Work is a Bad Idea

Is it okay to do side work if I’m employed by someone in that field already? Let’s talk about what side work is, if it’s illegal, and when it
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professionalism in the workplace

Professionalism in the Workplace

Nine Essential Tips for Gaining Professionalism in the Workplace Hi, this is Greg Fox from Fox Family Heating and Air.  One of my goals for this blog is to
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Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate Reduction from SMUD Puts Pressure on Customers

SMUD’s rebate structure is one of the most generous ones around, especially compared to those available from PG&E.  But those rewards for going green won’t be around forever.  SMUD’s
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Can I replace my furnace without replacing my air conditioner?

Can I Replace My Furnace Without Replacing My Air Conditioner?

When it comes time to replace your central air conditioning unit, people may think they have to replace their AC and furnace at the same time.  To receive some
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Fox Family at the home and garden show

Our Top 5 Favorite Booths at the 2020 Northern California Home and Landscape Expo

Our Top 5 Favorite Booths at the 2020 Show This past weekend we got the chance to be one of 16 heating and air conditioning companies at the Northern
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12 Reasons Why Being A Certified HVAC Technician Is A Good Career Choice

Hi, I’m Greg Fox from Fox Family Heating and Air in Sacramento, CA.  If you’re out there trying to find a career that is rewarding, challenging and pays well,
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