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Trane CleanEffects

Trane CleanEffects™ is By Far the Best Air Cleaner for Your Home

If you’re looking for an indoor air quality product that’s super effective, efficient, and quiet, look no further than Trane CleanEffects™. What’s the best air cleaner for my home?
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Fox Family relocates

Fox Family Grows Into a New, Larger Location

In 2015 Fox Family Heating and Air started a business.  We worked out of our home.  We took calls on our business cell phone I kept in my pocket. 
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HVAC technicians

Where Should HVAC Technicians Wisely Invest Their Money?

Blue-collar workers like HVAC technicians may not be the first people you would think of as savvy stock market investors. As a company owner, I provide our workers with
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MERV 13 air filter

Can a MERV 13 Air Filter Harm My HVAC System?

Filtration standards keep increasing as today’s building and energy codes update their requirements every three years.  The 2019 codes that went into effect on January 1st, 2020, mandate that
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good customer service

Good Customer Service or Good Technical Skills: Which is Better to Have?

Technical Skills Without Customer Service Can Be a Bad Mix and Vice Versa Having both good customer service and good technical skills is super important.  But if we had
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power shutdowns

How Do the PG&E Shutdowns Affect My HVAC System?

Rolling Blackouts in Northern California Once again, PG&E is having to shut down electricity for over 150,000 customers in locations caught in the middle of local wildfires.  Rolling blackouts
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how to handle a refrigerant leak

R-454b Will Be the New (New) Refrigerant Starting January 1st, 2023

In 2010 when I started my venture into the HVAC industry, I was coming in during a time of transition.  Our industry was changing from systems that had R-22
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HVAC equipment shortage

HVAC Equipment Shortages Due To COVID-19 Pandemic Create Chaos

There’s a significant shortage of HVAC equipment needed to replace our customers’ current systems.  In some areas, if you were to sell a new system to a family, there’s
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can I replace my AC without the furnace?

Can I Replace the Outside Air Conditioner without Changing My Furnace?

When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, many people ask if they can replace the ac without the furnace. There are rebates available in some areas that reward
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Why the HVAC Industry is Thriving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many contractors have enjoyed record sales. Why did the HVAC industry thrive while other sectors were so negatively impacted?   When COVID 19 hit this
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HVAC Rebates

There are Still Air Conditioner Rebates for 2020? It’s True!

SMUD HVAC Rebates for Sacramento Did you know that our local utility company still offers some HVAC rebates for air conditioners installed in 2020? It’s true!  If you live
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R-22 (freon)

Is R-22 (Freon) Illegal to Use in My Air Conditioner After 2020?

Using R-22 (freon) Refrigerant in the Sacramento Valley “I was told by my HVAC technician that we had to replace our AC system because R-22 was illegal to use
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