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Located between Elk Grove and Mather Field, Vineyard is an unincorporated area of Sacramento County with a truly rural feel while still being close enough to everyday amenities like grocery stores, schools, and other things like that.  Bradshaw Rd divides Vineyard into two sections – the Vintage Oaks neighborhood and Silver Springs Estates. In the past 20 years, the neighborhoods around Wildhawk Golf Course have developed into a nice upscale neighborhood with streets named after famous golf courses and golfers themselves.  Fox Family Heating & Air is happy to be the choice Vineyard HVAC contractor they can look to..

Vineyard is out in the wide-open sunshine with little delta breeze to take the edge off the nighttime summer heat.  Being so close to Fox Family Heating & Air, Vineyard residents are served typically the same day.  This family-friendly neighborhood has luxury homes on one side of Bradshaw Road and a slightly older community in Vintage Oaks. It’s super quiet in Vineyard since it’s sort of out in the country.  Pleasant Grove High and Sheldon High School are where most teens attend school and boast some highly-rated test scores.  Younger kids go to Pleasant Grove and Adreani Elementary, which are two of the highest-rated schools in the entire state of California. 

You won’t see a lot of shade trees in Vineyard.  I imagine as the neighborhoods around Wildhawk get older, you’ll see those streets get more shade on hot sunny days, which means more leaves to rake in the fall when it starts to get cold out. 

HVAC Maintenance

Vineyard HVAC preventative maintenance is essential for improving the performance of your system. This can save you money on costly repairs. By optimizing your HVAC units, your system will be less likely to breakdown. Moreover, it will also increase the lifespan of your system altogether. Make sure to contact our company for all your heating and cooling services.

HVAC Repair

Since your HVAC system works hard each season, it is bound to breakdown sooner or later. Our company offers Vineyard affordable HVAC repair when you need it the most. We recommend timely repairs for your heating and cooling system. If you wait too long to repair a component from your unit, it could take a toll on the system itself causing it to work harder. Quality repairs will ensure that your system continues to work smoothly.

HVAC Replacement

You don’t have to look any further than our company for your Vineyard HVAC replacement services. Our techs will be able to replace both the indoor and outdoor units. We know that importance of having your HVAC system in working order in your home. We guarantee quality results and fast service for all your installations.

We offer a variety of brands for you to choose from, including Trane, American Standard, Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, and Ruud.

Whole House Fans

If you live in Vineyard and other surrounding communities, you can consider whole house fans to cool your home. Many of the residents have used this alternative, saving them money while keeping cool and comfortable in their home. Remember to contact our company for all your Vineyard whole house fans installation services.

The whole house fan  can help residents experience comfort in their private spaces. The Sacramento valley climate is ideally suited. 

Do you need help with from a fast, friendly, reliable Vineyard HVAC contractor?  Call us today at 1-916-877-1577 or click the button below to book an appointment.