ACHR News Interviews Greg Fox About Chip Shortages and the HVAC Industry

MicroChip Shortages and the HVAC Industry

ACHR NEWS (Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeration) has written another great article with an interview from Greg Fox of Fox Family Heating & Air. They talk about the chip shortages and the HVAC Industry. Issues in the worldwide inventory network left every industry scrambling to discover the computer chips they need. This creates difficulties for HVAC contractors as they disclose to clients why they need to stand by longer and pay more for hardware.

Greg Fox of Fox Family Heating & Air in Sacramento, California, said he endured the shortages in 2020 and began to see hardware become more accessible going into the colder time of year. Then, at that point, he began feeling the impacts of the shortages or lower inventory in the spring of 2021. Fox sells a great deal of two-stage climate control systems, the sort that requires more CPUs. 

Fox Family’s distributors advised him to get ready for stock levels being low into 2022. Eventually, the stockpile circumstance will resolve itself, but there is no way to tell when. The Covid pandemic clarified how easily a restricted production network like that could be disrupted. There are just a small amount of microchip factories operating in the United States. Between the constant labor and shipping challenges, getting new equipment to the field could take longer than we were expecting.

Fox Family Wins “Ultimate Family Game Room Prize Package” From Honeywell

“Ultimate Family Game Room Prize Package”.jpg

We’re excited to announce that Fox Family Heating & Air won a grand prize last month’s  “Ultimate Family Game Room Prize Package”.  Today we got to celebrate it today!  For every Honeywell Control we purchased over the summer through Ferguson HVAC Supply in Sacramento, we earned a ticket in the hat for the drawing.  And we won!

One HVAC contractor from the Arizona/Nevada, Southern California, and Northern California regions was chosen randomly in July of 2021.  The winners were announced in August.  And in September we received all the goodies!  The $2000 prize package including:

  • 60” Class UN7000 Series LED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV
  • XBOX One Game Station
  • PacMan Head2Head Home Arcade Game
  • Two Stealth 700 Gen 2 Black Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Ten-Game 48” Multi Game Table
  • 19” Wide 105 Can Capacity Extreme Cool Beverage Center
  • Family Game Room Sign
  • Rockville HTS56 1000w 5.1 Channel Home Theater System
  • 36” Round Bar Type Pub Table w/ four Residio Barstools
  • Yeti Roadie 24 Insulated Chest Cooler

All had a great time as we gave away all the prizes through a raffle.  We gave everyone 30 tickets to put in for every item they wanted.  We threw in some extra things and made sure everyone won a prize.

Our team works so hard all year round, taking care of our Fox Family customers.  Today’s giveaway was a great way to show them some love.

Thanks so much to Ferguson HVAC Supply and Residio Honeywell Home for providing us with such great prizes from the “Ultimate Family Game Room Prize Package”.  Fox Family Heating & Air appreciates you!

Using (or Abusing) the R-22 Phaseout as a Sales Tool

Some contractors selling equipment on fears that refrigerant will be illegal

I was pleased to contribute to this 11/18/2019 article in – Greg Fox

As of January 1, 2020, it will no longer be legal to produce or import virgin R-22 in the U.S., but that does not mean the refrigerant will be unavailable, unaffordable, or illegal to use. It just means that after that date, contractors who service R-22 systems will have to rely on existing stocks of virgin refrigerant or else use reclaimed refrigerant, both of which should be readily available (and affordable) for a long time, according to industry experts.  Go to article»