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What’s the Best Way to Cool My Two-Story House?

Making the Most of Air Conditioner This Summer in Sacramento As an HVAC technician, I have the comfort in my two-story home dialed in.  The upstairs is just as
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What Temperature Should I Set the Thermostat in My House?

Determining the Correct Temperature Setting for Summer in Sacramento What temperatures should you keep it in your home during the summer?  That’s what we are going to be talking
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310.1 Condensate Drains:  Understanding the Codes

Correct Installation of Condensate Drain Lines Residential HVAC installers have to understand so many facets of the construction industry.   In this blog, we’ll be talking about the importance of
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What’s the Required Service Area for HVAC Installations?

Installing Equipment Safely and to Code for our Sacramento Customers When we install HVAC equipment in people’s homes, there is a code that covers how much service area there
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The Importance of a Condensate Safety Switch

Sacramento Water Damage Protection for Your Ceiling Too many times, we’ve gone out on a service call and found that the ceiling is flooding with water. Sheetrock is bulging
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Are there any rebates for a new air conditioner in 2019?

SMUD Rebates for HVAC in Sacramento Did you know that our local utility company offers rebates for air conditioners installed in 2019?  It’s true!  If you live in Sacramento
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Fox Family is at Sacramento Home and Garden Show

An Obvious Choice for Fox Family Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar Hey everyone!  I wanted to reach out to you from the Sacramento Home and Garden Show this weekend,
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310.4 Electrical Connections and AC Disconnects

Installing According to Code is the Sign of a Real Professional So many times when you’re out in the field you’ll encounter a technician, a supervisor or inspector who
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What Happens on a Fox Family Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

What Is It? An air conditioning tune-up is what responsible homeowners do to maintain their home’s HVAC system.   It’s a thorough cleaning and testing of the air conditioning system,
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quiet cool whole house fan

Which Whole House Fan is Better, QuietCool or Triangle?

What Whole House Fans Do Are you the type of person who likes to open their windows at home?  Whole house fans are mounted in your ceiling and are
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How Solar Works

Have you ever wondered how solar works?  On this blog, we’re going to discuss what it takes to make the sun’s energy produce AC voltage for your home. Since
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How Much Will a New Central Air Conditioning System Cost in 2019?

In the spring of 2019, a lot of people will begin wondering, “how much does a new central air conditioning system cost?” Every January a nice letter crosses my
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