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What Happens on a Fox Family Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

What Is It? An air conditioning tune-up is what responsible homeowners do to maintain their home’s HVAC system.   It’s a thorough cleaning and testing of the air conditioning system, to ensure that it’ll work when you need it to this summer.  We operate with the understanding that a clean system will run longer than a […]

How Solar Works

Have you ever wondered how solar works?  On this blog, we’re going to discuss what it takes to make the sun’s energy produce AC voltage for your home. Since the early 1900’s the United States has spent a crazy amount of money on the current infrastructure.  This infrastructure supports mining, drilling, transporting, refining and distributing […]

Which Inverter is the Best for my New Solar System?

What’s So Great About Microinverters? Hello, solar enthusiasts! Have you been wondering which inverter is the best to use on your new solar project? If so then this article is for you! What are Inverters? You know, solar panels get all the glory, but it’s the inverters that do all the work in the solar […]

What is a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

Wi-Fi Thermostats Hit the Market in Sacramento One of the coolest things to hit the HVAC market are Wi-Fi thermostats.  As you can imagine, these are not your normal thermostats, but at the same time, they act much like the thermostats you are already used to.  You know, like the white box the new home […]

Average Cost of Furnace Repair

Average Cost of Furnace Repair in Sacramento Nothing could be as bad as your furnace breaking in the evening just as temperatures are dropping rapidly in winter. The first thing that is likely to occupy your mind is the cost of fixing that furnace or heat source since a replacement is often very expensive. Sacramento […]

5 Simple Furnace Fixes You Can Perform

5 Simple Furnace Fixes A Sacramento HVAC Company Says You Can Perform  You may not need to wait for a professional to perform each repair needed to get your furnace working again when it breaks down. Here are some simple repairs that you can perform on your own if you are handy with tools and […]

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