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Life or Death: Flammable Refrigerants Used in Homes Will Be the Norm

The global warming potential of R410 is leading to the use of flammable refrigerants for indoor comfort With the complete phase-out of R410A already underway, the industry is looking
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HVAC Zoning Basics - Bypass Dampers Dump Zones

HVAC Zoning: Bypass Dampers & Dump Zones

HVAC Zoning: What to Do with That Extra Air Last week we did a zoning basics blog post on zoning for residential homes.  This week on the Fox Family
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how zoning works

That’s Not How Zoning Works!

How Heating and Air Zoning is Supposed to be Used I find that some technicians don’t know how to explain to their customers how to properly use their zoned
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how to protect low voltages wires to the AC

How To Protect an Air Conditioner Low Voltage Wire

Protecting the Low Voltage Wires to the AC That brown-sheathed, low voltage wire from the air handler to the AC unit outside tells the contractor when to engage. This
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how to handle a refrigerant leak at my home

How to Handle a Refrigerant Leak in My Home

If your HVAC technician tells you your A/C has a refrigerant leak, I want to tell you how we handle that here at Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning.
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Fox Family Installs Ameristar Heating and Cooling Products

What’s the Best Brand for a New Air Conditioner?  An In-Depth Look at Ameristar Sacramento Valley residents looking for a quality system to replace theirs with can turn to
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How often do you need to change the air filter

What Happens if I Don’t Change the Air Filter for My Air Conditioner?

Do I Really Need to Change my HVAC Air Filter? Most people know they need to change the air filter for their air conditioning system.  How often would say
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Is a Bigger Air Conditioner Better?

Is Your Sacramento Valley Air Conditioner underperforming? There are many reasons why your air conditioner may be underperforming.  Your system could be low on refrigerant, your evaporator coil could
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Can I Still Use My A/C With a Bad Capacitor?

A Common Air Conditioner Problem in the Sacramento Valley Every spring and summer, we get a lot of phone calls from customers saying their AC isn’t working.  A good
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Why Is my Air Conditioner So Loud?

Making Sense of the Noises Made by Your Air Conditioner If you’re reading this post, it’s probably because your AC is making some crazy noises lately that you’re not
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Is R-22 Illegal to Use in My Air Conditioner After 2020?

Using R-22 Refrigerant in the Sacramento Valley “I was told by my HVAC technician that we had to replace our AC system because R-22 was illegal to use starting
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How Long Should My Central Air Conditioner Last?

Getting the Most Out of Your AC System in the Sacramento Valley How long is your central air conditioner designed to last?  Have you ever heard of “programmed obsolescence”
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