Are there any rebates for a new air conditioner in 2019?

SMUD Rebates for HVAC in Sacramento

Did you know that our local utility company offers rebates for air conditioners installed in 2019?  It’s true!  If you live in Sacramento county here in California, you are connected to the electrical grid that belongs to SMUD.  SMUD is offering 400- and 500-dollar rebates, and you can get yours when you upgrade your old HVAC system to a new one in 2019.

The incentive for the utility company to offer these rebates is because they know you will use much less electricity over the years, to run a newer AC system, than ones from 20 or 30 years ago.

The Math

Just to give you an example:  Let’s say your current AC is 25 years old.  If we look at the most expensive component to run in the air conditioner, the compressor, we can see what kind of energy we’d really be saving.  An older AC for a 2000 sq ft house, the compressor can run up to 24 amps.  If you multiply that times the 240 volts that the AC runs on, you get 5,760 watts per hour or 5.76 kWh.  With a newer system in 2019, that same size is going to run at around 16 amps at most! Times 240 volts, and now you’re only using 3,840 watts or 3.84 kWh.  You can see now why SMUD offers these rebates.  You can clearly see how your electric bill will go down with a new air conditioning system.

SEER is an average efficiency rating given by an entity called AHRI.  Today’s systems start at 14 SEER efficiency here in California.  But 14 SEER air conditioners don’t qualify for rebates here in Sacramento County, because they are not Energy Star rated.  Any system 15 SEER or higher with the appropriate EER rating will qualify for the first tier of rebates which is $400.  If you get a 16 SEER air conditioner, you can qualify for a $500 rebate.  18 SEER and above gets a $650 rebate.  That’s the highest rebate SMUD offers in 2019.

A New System

The rebates are available on 15 through 20 SEER AC systems and above in 2019.  A question I get a lot is, “Can I just change the AC condenser outside?”  The answer to that question is unfortunately not.  We have to install the complete matching system which includes a furnace, evaporator coil and condenser. The furnace will come with a blower motor with enough technology to reach 16 SEER efficiency.  A constant torque motor is needed to successfully achieve this rating for you.  Fortunately, almost every new system manufactured in 2019 will come with this motor already in it.

Shooting for High-Efficiency

Systems before 2019 were allowed to be manufactured with the classic PSC motor with a capacitor, and those are in a lot of homes around the greater Sacramento area.  But they don’t achieve the ratings AHRI expects for high-efficiency so they’re being phased out as more efficient systems are developed.  The evaporator coil near the furnace also needs to be replaced, as the new systems have more coils and more surface area to remove heat and humidity from your home.  An older evaporator coil is typically too small to achieve those higher efficiency ratings.

Fox Family Will Process Your Instant Rebate

This year when you’re buying your new HVAC system, I want you to think about using this rebate offered by the local utility company.  Take advantage of the instant rebate you’ll receive from SMUD.  Fox Family takes care of getting that for you when we change out your system.  We just get your account number from you and send in the application.  A few weeks later, you’ll get your check in the mail for immediate use.  16 SEER systems will cost more than 14 SEER systems, but you’ll get better cooling for less money spent to get that nice cool air on those 100-degree days.  Taking $500 off the price of your new HVAC system puts money back into your pocket!

Call Fox Family with Your Questions

If you have any questions about the rebates this year in 2019 offered by SMUD, our local utility provider for electricity, let me know in the comments down below, or you can call or text me anytime at Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning.  Our number is 916-877-1577 and we are located in Rancho Cordova, California.  We service the entire Greater Sacramento area.   So, let us come out and give you an honest opinion of how your system is running, and let’s see if you could really save some money by purchasing your new high-SEER air conditioner.  These rebates are real, and they belong in your pocket in 2019.

I hope this answers your questions about the rebates offered by SMUD when you buy a new air conditioning system in Sacramento County.  Please let me know your thoughts on this down below in the comments.  Thank so much and we’ll see you next week on the blog!

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