Top Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

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Top Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Sacramento

In the economy today, consumers are constantly looking for ways to save money. Rather scrapping money giving up things you love, have you considered solar energy? Residential solar panels are the future and not only do they benefit the environment but can help reduce energy cost. They present you with a chance to gain energy independence with little to no reliance on big energy corporation.

Still not completely convinced? We have some benefits of residential solar panels you should consider.

Solar is a Reliable and Secure Energy Source

Unless you live in Alaska, the sun is a reliable source of energy. You have a good idea of daily sun activity when it will rise and set. Even on cloudy days, you generally get enough sunlight to power your home. The system is also connected to a battery that charges and provides power when sunlight is not present. Which means you won’t face any power outages which do occur from time to time with electrical power.

The sun is a secure form of energy as it is an entity no one has control over. No one can stop you from using the sun as a source of energy as there is no way to control it or monopolize the sun. As long as you have proper residential solar panels, you should be secure in terms of energy.

Save on Energy Bill

We sort of touched upon this but you are probably wondering exactly how much on an average is saved with solar panels? Well, there isn’t an exact estimate because it depends on how much energy your home consumes. However, you can find that some homes with panels actually completely eliminate their energy bill. They get enough energy from the panels so they don’t need to rely on the grid. SMUD charges a small solar connection fee each month, and generally, you will acquire more energy than you will use from your solar investment.

To make sure the panel works well throughout the day, it needs roughly around 5.5 to 6 hours of sunlight a day. Alaska in Fall and Winter is the only state in the US that doesn’t receive that much sunlight.

The time of the year also depends on how much you save. When the weather gets cold, you will probably save more than when it is hot. You may also have to rely on the grid more in the summer since the air conditioning would be required. Overall, you will notice your energy bill shrink once you have solar panels installed.

Earn Rebates and Other Credits

Cutting energy cost isn’t the only cost you will be saving on. Some states in the US offer various schemes for residents that opt to have solar panels installed. The federal government offers 30% tax credit for residents that utilize solar panels.

Rebates scheme are also offered so you can save more. The solar rebates in California scheme present users with two options to save, they can save $500 that covers the permit fee of installation to saving unto $0.95 per watt of the overall capacity of the system. If you were to install a 6kW system then you would end up getting a rebate of around $1,500. These initiatives were established to promote the use of solar energy for residential purposes.

Increase House Resale Value

Solar panels may seem like a big investment at first but with all the savings and rebates, you end up saving more than you invested. The panel system also adds value to your home. A 2011 report that analyzed homes with solar panels in California saw an increase of $5,911 to the resale value for every kilowatt of solar power installed. The average medium size home needs a 3kW system so that is roughly $18,000 of resale value added to your home.

Saves the Environment

Traditional electricity has drastically contributed to global warming. The use of fossil fuel from coal and natural gas has led to constant greenhouse gas emission into the environment. Therefore, has led to the deterioration of the environment. Fossil fuel is also a finite resource and will run out eventually. The fuel is also reliant on water resources, which is a resource that is slowly becoming scarcer around the world.

The process of electricity production is unsustainable and it is important that more people opt for alternatives. Solar energy causes no harm to the environment as it relies solely upon the sun. There is no emission and as the world turns to solar energy, it greatly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

With so much upside, it’s surprising that more Sacramento homeowners don’t opt for solar panels. The state of California has seen a drastic increase in homes utilizing solar power. You can easily find a solar company in Sacramento and other areas that can guide and install solar panels to help you save and gain energy independence. So don’t wait any longer and start saving today.

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