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Upgrading Your Home to a Smart Thermostat This Fall!

Thermostat technology has advanced so much that programmable thermostats are now looking like obsolete technology after smart thermostats were introduced on the market. Are you still undecided about the appropriateness of this device for your home? Read the smart thermostat installation guide below and decide whether it is time for you to call Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning for a discussion of the available options of smart thermostats.

Best Smart Thermostat Options

If your thermostat looks like this, it might be time to upgrade

If your thermostat looks like this, it might be time to upgrade!

Smart thermostats do what any other thermostat can do and a lot more. They not only regulate the heating and cooling of your home, their functionality also extends to the indoor air quality as well. Smart thermostats can be linked by Sacramento air conditioning repair professionals to your home automation system. Smart thermostats are internet enabled and you can access them using a mobile device like your smartphone.

Popular brands you may be familiar with are, The Nest, Honeywell, and Ecobee4. It’s really up to you to determine which one is the best fit for your home but by now most brands are on their 3rd or fourth version so they are pretty well tried and tested. Our technicians always keep a few new smart thermostats on their trucks in case you haven’t had time to head to the store and pick one out.

Smart Thermostat Advantages and Capabilities

Smart programming. Smart thermostats can learn your preferences and adjust the air conditioning settings automatically to address your needs. For example, the smart thermostat will “notice” that you tend to increase the temperature settings as you leave your home each morning. The smart thermostat will begin making those adjustments on its own when the time you leave approaches so that you no longer have to do it or program it into the memory of the smart thermostat. The smart thermostat can also adjust the Furnace and AC settings depending on how many people are in the home at a given time. This goes beyond what you see in programmable thermostats that work based on the settings that have been pre-programmed.

You Will Love The Remote Connectivity This Winter

Smart thermostats also come with a feature that enables you to adjust them even when you are not in your Sacramento home. This is done using any internet enabled device such as your smartphone or computer. You will therefore be in position to conserve energy even when you aren’t at home.
Energy reporting. Smart thermostats have the capability to collect data about the energy usage patterns of your home. You can monitor this data in order to get an accurate picture about when most energy is used in your home and when energy use is minimal. You can also ask a Sacramento heating and air conditioning repair technician to help you to make sense of that data in case you aren’t comfortable analyzing such information. Corrective measures can be taken based on this data.

How the Smart Thermostat Can Be Installed

Manufacturers of smart thermostats usually have a user manual that has step-by-step installation instructions. You can follow that installation guide to install the smart thermostat on your own. However, it is not advisable to attempt a DIY installation if you lack appropriate training and experience in performing such projects. This is because the process requires electrical knowledge as well as technical knowledge to put together the different components.

You stand a better chance of enjoying your investment in case you ask an experienced technician from Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning to install the smart thermostat for you. The cost you incur for this professional installation will pale in comparison to the loss you may have incurred if you had bungled the DIY installation and damaged the smart thermostat or wiring.

Either way, you will enjoy a warmer home with convenient temperature controls in your home this winter!

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