Is an AC tune-up worth it?

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Is an AC tune-up worth it?

Is an AC tune-up worth it? People who have just bought their first home or have recently installed a new AC may not be certain whether it is necessary to have the air conditioning system tuned-up annually. This article discusses some of the key benefits that Sacramento homeowners will enjoy when they hire a Sacramento heating and air conditioning company like Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning to tune-up the AC.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Dirt, dust and other forms of debris gradually accumulate on the different components of the AC, such as the evaporator coils. Those accumulations affect the efficiency of the system in different ways. For example, the dust can prevent the exchange of heat from the evaporator coils. This impediment causes the system to use more energy as it struggles to maintain the desired temperature in your home. Regular tune-ups avert such causes of inefficiency.

Warranty Protection

Manufacturers of air conditioning systems offer buyers warranties that have conditions. One of the common conditions is that the air conditioner must be maintained regularly (at least annually) by certified professionals. Any warranty claim made without proof that the AC was tuned-up at the required intervals can result in a rejection of that claim. Air conditioning repair technicians in Sacramento can perform the required maintenance so the AC manufacturer honors any warranty claim.

System Longevity

It is also worthwhile to have your air conditioner tuned-up because that maintenance helps to enable the system to last for as long as the manufacturer intended it to. For example, Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning technicians check the lubrication of the moving parts of the HVAC equipment. Proper lubrication protects the components from premature wear due to excessive friction. Tune-ups are therefore a good investment since they save you from having to buy a new AC sooner than expected.


Air conditioning tune-ups have the added benefit of making your HVAC systems environmentally friendly. How does this happen? Tune-ups help to detect problems, such as refrigerant leaks before they worsen and discharge greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Secondly, barriers to efficiency are removed so that the system uses the least amount of energy needed to keep the home within the desired temperature range. You will be contributing towards protecting the environment when you have your AC tuned-up.

Reduced Repair Costs

Sacramento air conditioning repair professionals perform tune-ups as a way of averting frequent system failures. The tune-ups forestall bigger problems by catching them early. For instance, the technician may check how much energy the motor is consuming as it works. This tune-up activity helps to fix any defects before those defects cause a malfunction that may be costly to repair.

Improved Air Quality

The air that you and your family members breathe while inside your home depends on how well the air conditioner is doing its work. For example, a defective filter can allow contaminants to keep recirculating within the home. Similarly, a clogged condensate line can result in higher humidity levels in the home. This can allow mold and other biological matter to thrive and compromise the health of the home’s occupants. Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning can provide AC system tune-ups to improve quality of living.

It Gives Peace of Mind

Having an air conditioning system tune-up performed helps to remove any nagging fears or concerns which you may have about your AC. That professional tune-up gives your AC a clean bill of health after any anomalies found are fixed. Rest assured that the AC will not suddenly fail, unless an unforeseen calamity, such as a flood, damages the equipment.

The cost of having the annual air conditioner tune-up done pales in comparison to the higher costs and inconveniences that you may expose yourself to when you neglect to have the tune-ups done. Hire an experienced heating and air conditioning repair or maintenance company in Sacramento. Contact Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning to take care of keeping your home’s AC at its best throughout the year. Our maintenance club is an affordable solution many clients find to be a great value, while enjoying comfort and peace of mind. 

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