What is the appropriate temperature to set my thermostat?

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Some people run colder than others. Some run hotter than others. All in the same household!

What is the appropriate temperature to set my thermostat? I get asked this question a lot by customers. The quick answer is whatever you want to have it at. In the winter, when you have your furnace running, most people keep it between 66 and 74 degrees in their house. Most houses built these days are designed to hold a temperature of around 68 degrees pretty effectively with the amount of insulation that has been put in the walls and attic, etc. But, I know of some customers who actually have it set to 78 degrees! It’s fine if you want to have it that high. Some people are on blood thinning medication and they get colder easier than other people. Some people just plain old run cold, but some people run hot, too. All in the same household!

In the summer, most people are comfortable at 76 to 80 degrees in the house. I know some people who are just fine letting it get up to 90 in their house before the AC comes on. I also know of people who just have their air conditioning working at 75 to 72 degrees. Along with other mechanics, I happen to work out in the heat all day. I like a cool house to come home to when I get off work, so I am one of those who likes it at 75 right when I get home.

All of this is fine, and you can set your thermostat at whatever set point you want. But what about the times when you’re not at home? Some households have people who are not home during the day or night. This is the time when you want to use the programmable features on your thermostat to set a program that makes your home smart and energy efficient. There’s no need for me to have my system on during the hot days right? Well, actually I just won’t let it get above a certain point in my house. Because if I let it get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter it takes much more energy to get it back to a comfortable level. It may take hours for it to get back to a decent level of comfort.

If you have any questions or need someone to come out and set up your programmable thermostat, give us a call at Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning. Part of our regular maintenance program is to make sure you are comfortable with your thermostat and that it is set to your family’s preferences and as efficient as possible.
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